At TSAG, we are constantly striving to enhance your experience and provide you with the utmost convenience. As part of our commitment to serving you better, we are excited to introduce our new “Transfer of Services” portal. This dedicated space has been carefully designed to streamline the process of providing data and information to users about the Transferring of Infrastructure Service Delivery to First Nations, making it easier than ever before.
We will be continuing to upload and provide information related to the Transferring of Infrastructure Service Delivery to First Nations as it becomes available.  From meeting information, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) correspondence to Band Council Resolutions, you’ll find detailed information provided to support you and your nation as it becomes available.


This website serves as a repository for uploaded resources, tailored for our members. These members are categorized into access levels: “The Bear,” “The Wolf,” “The Buffalo,” and “The Eagle,” each denoting a distinct tier of access to the provided content.

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