Skillslink Online Courses

Pathways to Success

The Pathway to Success course focuses on job skills and provides those essential attributes sought by employers today.
Section 1 emphasizes communication skills, crucial for both professional and personal success.
Section 2 explores learning styles, interests, and talents, as well as creating resumes and cover letters.
Section 3 offers job-hunting strategies and interview preparation.
Section 4 introduces workplace essentials like Employment Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety.
Completing this course will leave participants polished and ready to impress employers!

Shaping Your Future

The Shaping Your Future course is about envisioning a great future and planning how to get where the participants want to be. The course covers goal setting, action planning, and how to understand and overcome barriers. It teaches how to create a budget and manage money as well as explains debt and how to maximize savings. This course will show participants how to turn their goals into realities. They will have a better idea of the future they want and will have created a solid plan to make it happen!

Healthy Living 1

Healthy Living 1 covers general wellness, nutrition, physical activity, and chronic diseases.
Section 1 introduces habits for a healthy lifestyle and assists in setting personal health goals.
Section 2 emphasizes the link between food choices and well-being.
Section 3 focuses on physical activity’s role in health.
Section 4 identifies risk factors for several diseases, and examines environmental influences on health.