We support First Nations by helping community members gain the skills, knowledge or certification to operate and maintain their infrastructure and housing programs.

Our internal subject matter specialists transfer their critical skills and knowledge so First Nation team members can effectively operate, maintain and protect their community. They do this through mentoring and meeting team members’ learning needs during training.

Asset Management 
Our team of technical advisors and GIS technicians inspect federally-funded assets (roads & bridges, buildings (e.g. schools, band office, etc.), vehicles, solid waste, water and wastewater systems) to promote safe, strong community infrastructure.

Environmental Management 
Our team of environmental scientists and technicians provide resources that promote healthy lands and waters within both traditional lands and on-reserve. These resources include environmental management and planning services as well as training and outreach programs.

Housing Condition Assessments are visual appraisals that provide evaluative data on the physical conditions of current housing assets. The condition assessments inform short and long-term maintenance planning of the current housing stock and validate needs for future development of housing projects.

Sustainable Communities 
We provide a holistic approach to support communities with waste reduction and waste management. Our primary goal is to support First Nation autonomy in the development, operation and maintenance of sound social, environmental, and economical waste management systems.

Circuit Rider Training Program 
Our team of technical advisors, trainers and troubleshooter provide on-site, hands-on training and mentoring services to water and wastewater operators to promote safe, clean drinking water and proper care of wastewater systems.

Fire Protection and Prevention
Our Fire Team is made up of Level II Safety Codes Officers with extensive experience in the fire field. We offer a wide range of services to Alberta First Nation communities along with accredited and non-accredited fire training.

Information Technology 
Our team of IT professionals provide quality technical service and training to connect First Nations to community, education, and health online services to promote strong, healthy communities.

Youth Initiatives 
Our Communications and Outreach team facilitates learning, training and work placement opportunities for First Nation youth and promotes careers in water and wastewater, environmental health, science, technology and the fire service.

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