Did you know that March 21st is NATIONAL INDIGENOUS WATER OPERATOR DAY??  If you didn’t, you sure do now!!

National Indigenous Water Operator Day is March 21 is in recognition of the vital work done and the dedication shown by those who work to provide safe drinking water for our communities. This is not necessarily a high profile position or even one that is well known, unless something goes wrong, and then we value these workers with our very lives. So thank you for the incredibly important work you do and because of your many successes, we may not know you personally but we celebrate you now on the Day dedicated to your service.

I wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude to our very own Certified Operators who work for TSAG and who work alongside our Nation’s water operators ensuring clean, sustainable and safe drinking water to our communities.  We are so very lucky and proud to have our CRT’s as staff members and working with our Nations to keep our water safe.  Our CRT’s include:

Ø  Devin Meneen

Ø  Blair Campbell

Ø  Brad Tourangeau

Ø  Rod Badger

Ø  Gilbert Hamelin and

Ø  Lawrence Michetti

Thank you gentlemen for all you do and your continued dedication to the program!

Please take a moment to watch these videos captured by our very own Rod Badger at the gathering  

Congratulations to you all!!