The First Nations Telehealth Network provides connectivity to both clinical, administrative, and Education sessions. 

Connections to clinical sessions, allows for community members to reduce travel time and costs while still getting the medical care they require. For more information on clinical telehealth services, contact your doctor’s office to see if they have access to videoconferencing or contact our offices to discuss the possibilities of scheduling a clinical session. 

Administrative videoconference sessions provide an alternative to commuting for meetings and/or training through video conferencing, audio lines or Zoom connections. Administrative meetings are an efficient way to maximize productivity.

The First Nations Telehealth Network offers FREE education sessions to all sites on the network. The education topics are vast and cover many areas, such as: Mental Health, Addictions, Cultural Learnings, Nutrition and much more. These sessions are free to attend and are offered by many organizations including Indigenous Services Canada, Alberta Health Services and many other third party community organizations. Users can attend via their health center equipment or through Zoom connections and audio lines

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