Fire Alarm Systems

DID YOU KNOW: Fire Alarm Systems are designed to alert us to an emergency!

DID YOU KNOW: They help protect us, our staff and the general public to take action in an emergency!

DID YOU KNOW: Fire Alarm Systems are found in offices, factories and public buildings in and around your community.

A fire alarm system is a crucial part of the fire and life safety of a building and its occupants. Each system is made up of many components that you may not be aware of but all are integral to ensure the system is running effectively! Often, people are not aware of these systems until there is an emergency but being aware and informed is a great way to keep you and others safe!

In and around your community there may be many Fire Alarm Systems! These systems should be regularly maintained to ensure annual inspections are completed, the systems is up and running in working condition and tested frequently to ensure all components are working safely and effectively!

Take the opportunity to learn about the Fire Alarm Systems in and around your community! Being aware helps you be prepared!

Contact your TSAG Fire Services Team at who can help you with:

Fire Alarm Inspections: Harry Liu

Field Infrastructure Inspections: Joe Zasada

Fire Education & Training: Donna Strachan