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Our Youth Outreach Coordinator facilitates and supports environmental stewardship teaching and hands-on experiential learning for First Nation classrooms in Alberta. Born of the Sustainable Communities Team; our presentations and activities revolve around addressing waste diversion (finding better solutions for ‘garbage’ than landfills, like recycling and composting) holistically and in tandem with our other impacts on our environment. We offer classroom presentations as well as more in depth-learning exercises.\


Earth Keepers Activity Books
As Earth Keepers we are all responsible for protecting our Mother Earth!

This activity book to introduce students and their parents to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. Earth Keepers is a TSAG program that educates youth about waste diversion, safe management of hazardous waste, the impact of unauthorized dumping on the environment and the dangers of burning waste. This colouring book can be presented in person by our Earth Keepers Team during a school visit or it can be downloaded.

Download Earth Keeper Activity Books Here

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

  • Get Recycling Happening at Your School (waste diversion opportunity exploration, grades 4 – 12) – Would your class(es) like to discover the recycling opportunities that can take place on your school campus? Our Outreach Coordinator will lead a mini-waste audit with students; to ‘discover’ the best options for diverting waste from the landfill to recycling. We will identify high volume waste streams, explore local diversion options, work with school administrators to find the best local service providers, and work with staff and students to implement the new recycling program in their classrooms. TSAG has both beverage and standard blue recycling bins to donate to the school. Refundable beverage containers are often a good place to start as they provide cost-offset opportunities. Your class will take ownership of the new recycling system changes by creating individual signage to attached to bins they will then deliver to the other classrooms and explain the changes they are implementing.
  • Unauthorized Dumpsite Mapping (Grade 8 and up) – utilizing cutting edge spatial data technology; students will participate in a crash course in digital mapping and solid waste management, download the App to their phones and then we’ll head out to locate, geotag, photograph and gather data on any dumpsite we can find. Once all the data has been collected a final interactive presentation will show students different analysis that can now be done to inform remediation and prevention planning.
  • Electronics Round-up Fundraiser – have your school host an event to collect used, old and broken electronics from around the community, save them from going into the landfill and get the school some cash while doing it! Our Outreach Coordinator can assist students with planning, organization, and implementing a round up. We can also add to the learning experience with a presentation tailored to why and how we recycle electronics globally. This event can also be partnered with a larger community event


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