Youth Initiatives

Youth Initiatives


about us

Our Communications and Outreach team facilitates learning, training and work placement opportunities for First Nation youth and promotes careers in water and wastewater, environmental health, science, technology and the fire service.

our services

  • Earth Keepers Program Offerings.
  • Source Water Presentations. For more information click here.
  • We deliver in-classroom presentations for grades 4-12 to raise awareness about drinking water safety, source water protection and treatment of water.
  • We lead water field days for grades 8-12 and community groups to raise awareness about water quality and monitoring of water and careers in water health.
  • We deliver fire prevention and public education for grades K-12 and community groups utilizing the Getting to Know Fire curriculum.
  • Our Skills Link Program supports work placements and training for unemployed or underemployed First Nations youth (15-30 years old).

core team

  • EAGLE WILLIER – Outreach Coordinator

Contact us at or 780.483.8601