Asset Management Toolkit


Asset Management Toolkit: First Nations Perspective

“Asset Management” is the process of managing an asset’s entire lifecycle – from design and construction to decommissioning and disposal - in order to provide the best value level of service for the costs involved.

Many First Nations have already begun a process of asset management, even if it’s not recognized as such. Asset inventories, maintenance management plans, and investment plans, such as FNIIPs, are all common tools to start an asset management journey.

In 2020, with support from Indigenous Services Canada, TSAG partnered with Urban Systems Ltd. to provide information about and gather feedback on asset management practices in First Nations in Alberta. The products is an Asset Management Toolkit that provides resources specific to First Nations. While the process of asset management is similar between municipalities and First Nation communities, First Nations have several unique circumstances and data resources.

The Asset Management Toolkit and Resources: A First Nations Perspective, provides templates and step by step resources to support your Nation in asset management. Click here for a copy of the toolkit and blank templates. There are links to fillable excel and word templates in the PDF.