Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services


about us

Our team of IT professionals provide quality technical service and training to connect First Nations to community, education, and health online services to promote strong, healthy communities.

our services

  • We deliver high speed Internet to First Nation health centres, schools, child and family services offices, and water treatment plants.
  • We provide IT support to our clients by phone (1-888-999-3356), remote desktop, and site visits.
  • We administer and manage a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre.
  • Our Telehealth team provides video conferencing services and technical support and coordinates clinical and education sessions through the First Nations Telehealth Portal ( .
  • Our GIS team works with nations to capture, manage and update their GIS information. GIS information is a powerful tool for community planning, emergency management as well as helping departments stay up to date on their asset stock and status.
  • Beginning in 2019 our GIS team are working with communities to address and correct gaps in road and home addressing. Having a working and up to date addressing system will assist nations in receiving more efficient access to emergency management as well as improving access within the community.To learn more CLICK HERE.

core team

  • MICHELLE HOEBER – Telehealth Program Lead
  • ANGELA WALKER – Telehealth Scheduler
  • BROOKE HAMES – Telehealth Education Coordinator
  • TANIA SANTOS - Medical Office Assistant
  • PAIGE WALL - Medical Office Assistant
  • TARA RUPTASH - Medical Office Assistant
  • KARLA RODRIGUEZ - Medical Office Assistant
  • KRISTEN LETENDRE Medical Office Assistant
  • GREG MULLER - GIS Technician
  • GERARD BEEKMANS - Senior Network Engineer
  • SAM NELSON - Web Developer/Graphic Designer
  • SANGKUN PARK - Software Developer/Database Administrator

Contact us at or 780.483.8601