Fire Protection and Prevention

Fire Protection and Prevention


about us

Our Fire Team is made up of Level II Safety Codes Officers with extensive experience in the fire field. We offer a wide range of services to Alberta First Nation communities along with accredited and non-accredited fire training.

our services

  • Training for accredited courses, including but not limited to: NFPA 1001 Firefighter qualification, 1051 Wildland, 1041 Instructor, 1021Fire Officer, and more
  • Training for non-accredited courses, including but not limited to: Water & Ice Rescue, Sprinkler Protection, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, Extrication, and more
  • Evaluations and advice provided for fire department equipment as each Nation has different needs to be met.
  • Assistance on acquiring a fire truck specific to meet community needs.
  • Mutual Aid agreements – advice on how to build with surrounding departments.
  • Conducting National Building Codes inspections and fire safety investigations – B1 C1 & B2 C2.
  • Education, testing and certification on Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Systems for Canadian Fire Alarm Association standards.

Supporting Strong Communities

  • We deliver safety presentations and curriculum training.
  • We conduct fire and life safety code building inspections.
  • We provide fire origin and cause investigation assistance.
  • We perform fire department and fire flow assessments.
  • We support fire department strategic planning.
  • We coordinate firefighter training and education.
  • Annual Fire Fighter’s Conference.

core team

  • DERIAN ROSARIO ( - Fire Program Manager
  • DALE DUECK ( - Fire Field Officer - Systems Inspector Lead
  • KELSEY HYCHA ( – Fire Field Officer
  • AL HENDERSON ( - Fire Alarm Technician
  • HARRY LIU ( – Fire Alarm Technician

Contact us at or 780.483.8601