TSAG’s Fire Subscription Boxes are curated with a different theme for each month that will include information pamphlets, activities and the option to schedule Zoom presentations with our Youth Outreach Coordinator.

By registering to receive these boxes you will automatically receive the month of October’s Fire Safety Week and then you can pick a maximum of three months to receive between the months of September to March. Please read the descriptions on the below and mark the ones you would like to receive on your registration form.

Smoke Detector September is going to start off with reviewing the basics of the fire triangle and then we will continue our journey into looking at types of smoke detectors and what to do about wear and tear.

October hosts Fire Safety WEEK
 with 5 days of quick activities that can help save a life in a real fire. Includes: Day 1) Practicing a school fire drill, Day 2) stop, drop, cover the face, and roll, Day 3) turn-out gear demonstration, Day 4) What to do when there is some smoke and a lot of smoke, Day 5) practice door touches.

Remember, Remember, No Fires in November!
 Is coming at you with content on burn prevention, how to cool a burn (and how not to cool a burn), classes of fire, why water on a kitchen fire is dangerous and a brief introduction to fire extinguishers.

No Ember December
 is all about the holidays and more importantly holiday safety which we can start with inspecting decorations, discarding any worn decorations and remembering as beautiful as the lights are we must NOT OVERLOAD electrical outlets and use extension cords safely. As the decorations go up, the festivities draw in guests and with more people in the home we have to ensure other safety precautions are taken as well.

Ringing in the New Year
 with a home hazards inspection! After all the celebrations settle down, the guests leave, we are left with having to clean up which can be the perfect opportunity to do some maintenance and repairs around the home! Let us look at some common missed home hazards that can help prevent fires in the home.

February’s Great Family Escape
 is about creating a home escape map with everyone in the home so that everyone knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency. Identifying all possible exits and escape routes is just the start, so let us help by walking through some home safety checklist items.

March into Spring
 with some yard planning that can help protect your home from the threat of wildfires. With the help from FireSmart you will learn what plants to avoid, fire-resistant plants to plant and safe practices when cleaning up the yard.

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