Circuit Rider Training Program

Circuit Rider Training Program


about us

Our team of technical advisors, trainers and troubleshooter provide on-site, hands on training and mentoring services to water and wastewater operators to promote safe, clean drinking water and proper care of wastewater systems. Click here to view a list of circuit riders and the areas they serve.

our services

  • We provide on-site, hands on training and mentoring services to operators to attain and maintain the level of certification required to operate, maintain and monitor their community drinking water and wastewater systems.
  • We provide year-round, 24/7 telephone support to operators.
  • We develop site-specific work plans based on the training needs of the operator and the repair and maintenance requirements of the systems.
  • We assist with Remote Water Monitoring Systems (RWMS) installation, calibration, maintenance, and repairs.
  • We are technical advisors on a Drinking Water Advisory (DWA) committee.Since 2010, long term DWA’s on public and semi-public lands in Alberta have been reduced from 58 to 1, in 2019.
  • We provide information on wastewater effluent regulations and support with compliance.
  • We provide technical advice and assist with plant inspections, upgrades, design, and commissioning of new systems.

core team

  • GERRY GUSDAL - Training Coordinator
  • MATT BROWN - RWMS Technician

  • Circuit Rider Trainers

  • LAWRENCE MICHETTI - CRT/Troubleshooter
  • BLAIR CAMPBELL - CRT/Troubleshooter

training and workshops

  • Introduction to Water and Wastewater Systems Online - Click here to learn more and register.
  • TSAG Training offered to Water/Wastewater Operators: Introductory course for Water/Wastewater Systems Operators, Fire Hydrant Operations & Maintenance course.
  • AWWOA Training offered to Water/Wastewater Operators: Small Systems, Entry Level Training, Level I Certification & Preparation (click here to learn more and register), Level II Water Treatment Preparation and Level II Water Distribution Preparation.

For more information on water operator certification in Alberta click here

Contact us at or 780.483.8601