Information Technology

Since 2007, TSAG’s IT team has been delivering comprehensive end-to-end IT services to Alberta First Nation communities.

Alberta First Nation schools, health centres and child and family services offices receive secure, stable, enterprise grade connectivity from TSAG through a combination of robust infrastructure and an exceptional support model. Since 2013, TSAG has also been working with Health Canada to deliver eHealth and Telehealth solutions to Alberta communities. Clients in remote communities are able to utilize high definition video conferencing services for education, clinical assessments (Doctor in another location) as well as spending time with loved ones receiving treatment in a hospital far away.

For more information about the First Nations Telehealth Portal developed and hosted by TSAG, please click here.

TSAG also continues to offer skilled Support Desk services to our clients through our 1-888-999-3356 number. Our team of IT professionals are ready to help with any technical concern our clients may have regardless of whether they are in a Health Centre, School or Child and Family Services office.

In 2012, TSAG acquired 51% of SIS Strategic Information Systems. SIS Strategic Information Systems leveraged these combined strengths and diverse networks to create a larger, stronger, more technically diversified company with a broad array of products and services. The new company was named Arrow Technology Group Ltd (ATG). For more information click here.

For more information about TSAG’s Information Technology Services, please contact Don Ginther at 780.483.8601 or