Programs and Services

Asset Management

Conduct inspections and report on the condition of community infrastructure assets and create maps to support asset management, emergency response management and land use planning.   click here for more information

Circuit Rider Training Program

Provide training and support for water and wastewater treatment plant operators.   click here for more information

Environmental Management

Provide environmental management and planning services, training and outreach.   click here for more information

Fire Protection and Prevention

Provide fire prevention programming, inspection services, fire department assessments, strategic planning support, and information on training opportunities for firefighter personnel.   click here for more information


Provide training and support to housing managers and personnel in areas such as housing inventory management, preventative maintenance, and occupational health and safety.   click here for more information

Information Technology

Deliver information technology services such as high speed internet, IT support and eHealth and Telehealth solutions.   click here for more information

Youth Initiatives

Facilitate learning and training opportunities to promote careers in science and technology.   click here for more information