Source Water Protection Planning (SWPP)

Source water refers to the body of water from which a community obtains its drinking water. Examples of source water are rivers, lakes, or groundwater. Protecting drinking water sources is important for community health as well as keeping plants and animals alive and well. Many different types of land use activities pose a risk to source water - everything from large scale industrial development to everyday things we pour down the kitchen sink.

Source water protection planning helps reduce the number and severity of risks to drinking water. Source water protection is a proactive approach to clean drinking water.

Success Story

In 2012/2013, TSAG partnered with both the regional and national Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada departments to develop an on-reserve guide and template for source water protection in Canada.

We are pleased to report that three Nations across Canada have followed the template to produce source water protection plans for their communities!

For more information, please contact TSAG’s Environment Department at 780.483.8601.