Species at Risk on Alberta First Nation Reserves

Have fun learning about the species at risk found in your community! Here you will find a list of species at risk in Alberta (including mammals, fish and birds), as designated by the Species at Risk Act (SARA), Schedule 1. SARA is federal legislation designed to identify and protect wildlife, insects and plants vulnerable to extinction. Most species at risk have large ranges – here you will see which species can be found near you.

This resource is for informational use only. The animals covered by SARA, as well as their designations under SARA, are continually changing as new information is gathered. We will do our best to keep this information up to date but please email if you notice an error.

Alexander First Nation

Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

Beaver First Nation

Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Bigstone Cree Nation

Blood Tribe

Swift Fox (Vulpes velox)

Chipewyan Prairie First Nation

Cold Lake First Nation

Dene Tha’ First Nation

Driftpile First Nation

Duncan’s First Nation

Enoch Cree Nation

Ermineskin Cree Nation

Wood Bison (Bos bison athabascae)

Fort McKay First Nation

Frog Lake First Nation

Heart Lake First Nation

Horse Lake First Nation

Kapawe’no First Nation

Kehewin Cree Nation

Little Red River Cree Nation

Loon River First Nation

Yucca Moth (Tegeticula yuccasella)

Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens)

Louis Bull Tribe

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation

Mikisew Cree First Nation

Montana First Nation

O’Chiese First Nation

Paul First Nation

Peerless Trout Lake First Nation

Piikani Nation

Long Billed Curlew (Numenius americanus)

Saddle Lake First Nation

Samson Cree Nation

Sawridge Band

Siksika Nation

Smith’s Landing First Nation

Stoney Tribe

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation

Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus carolinus)

Sucker Creek First Nation

Sunchild First Nation

Swan River First Nation

Tallcree First Nation

Tsuu T’ina Nation

Whitefish Lake First Nation

Woodland Cree First Nation

Funding for this project was provided by Environment Canada’s Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk.

For more information please contact TSAG’s Environment Department at 780-483-8601