Remote Water Monitoring Plan

Drinking water is one of our most valuable resources, so it is important that it is kept clean, safe, and reliable. One way to do this is through protecting and managing water from “source to tap to source". This means taking actions to prevent or reduce the risk of drinking (source) water supplies from being contaminated, ensuring that drinking water is treated and distributed effectively (tap), and ensuring wastewater is treated properly before it is released back into the environment (the source). The multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water uses various processes and tools to prevent or reduce the risk of contamination of drinking water supplies from the source to tap and back to the source.

Monitoring source water and wastewater effluent is one of the key components of protecting drinking water supplies; monitoring source water and wastewater has been identified by TSAG as a priority for ensuring Alberta First Nation communities have access to safe drinking water. In 2012, TSAG implemented S::CAN remote water monitoring systems (RWMS) to monitor treated drinking water in water treatment plants in First Nation communities across Alberta. Building on this, TSAG began piloting the use of S::CAN RWMS to monitor source water and wastewater effluent with two Alberta First Nations in the spring of 2014. The goal of the pilot is to determine if S::CAN RWMS technology can be used for source to tap to source monitoring. This pilot project is currently investigating best practices for source water and wastewater monitoring.

For more information, please contact TSAG’s Environment Department at 780.483.8601.