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Enviro Bulletin: Youth Run
Water Monitoring Program

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Muskegs and Climate Change
in Fort McMurray First Nation

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Sources of Funding
for Environmental
Projects in Alberta

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First Nation community members of all ages connecting with their traditional and reserve lands by engaging in sustainable environmental management practices.


1. Environmental management: We utilize traditional ecological knowledge and western science as resources for developing sustainable environmental management practices.

2. Training/data management: We provide First Nations with the tools and hands-on training in order to make informed decisions concerning their reserve and traditional lands.

3. Outreach/engagement: We engage with communities to promote technical careers among our future leaders.

Programs and Training

Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP)

CCAP is centred on climate change readiness planning. Planning for climate change is one way First Nation communities in Alberta can be proactive in response to a changing environment. While this program is not currently active, please click here for more information.

Geographical Information Systems Training (GIS)

GIS training introduces AB First Nations to geographical information systems (GIS). GIS assists First Nation communities in conducting more effective land, infrastructure, and emergency response planning both internally, and in response to demands from industry and government.
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Solid Waste Site and Hazardous Waste Management Program

The Solid Waste Site Management Program focuses on best practises and resources for the management of hazardous and solid waste.
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Remote Water Monitoring Pilot

This is a pilot program for the Environment Department and Circuit Rider Training Program involving a feasibility study to examine the best practises for effluent monitoring for First Nations in Alberta.
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Source Water Protection Planning Program

Source water protection is a critical step in the multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water in First Nation communities. This program provides support for the development of source water protection guides for communities.
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Wastewater Management Strategy

The goal of TSAG’s comprehensive wastewater management strategy is to assist Alberta First Nations in developing a community-specific wastewater management plan that is tailored to each community’s needs.
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Species at Risk Programs

The main objectives of the Species at Risk Programs are to increase knowledge about species at risk and to build wildlife monitoring capacity for First Nations while promoting open dialogue about woodland caribou and other AB species at risk. These programs engage land users, technicians, and youth.

  1. Woodland Caribou Monitoring Project
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  2. Species at Risk Monitoring and GIS Mapping Program
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Due to the nature of the Environment Department’s funding the programs and training offered often changes. We will do our best to keep this list current but if you are interested in any of our programs we recommend contacting us at: 780-483-8601 or adoyle@tsag.net