No such thing as a dry muskeg: muskegs and climate change in Fort McMurray First Nation

This past year, TSAG worked with Fort McMurray First Nation (FMFN) on a climate change vulnerability assessment. This traditional knowledge study documented changes to the muskeg and other important bodies of water that may be attributed to climate change, and the impacts of these changes on the community. Muskeg (or peatland) is a type of wetland that covers 16% of Alberta’s landmass, primarily in the northern boreal region of the province. Muskeg is critical for maintaining biodiversity, providing natural water purification and filtration and buffering the land against drought and flood. Muskeg is also very sensitive to climate change; drying of the muskeg can cause large release of CO2 from stored carbon and increase the risk of wildfires. Fort McMurray First Nation and TSAG created this documentary film to summarize some of the work done for this project.

Produced by Fort McMurray First Nation and First Nations (Alberta) Technical Services Advisory Group. Copyright Fort McMurray First Nation 2013