Climate Change Adaptation Program

Climate change is happening. Weather patterns around the world are shifting, including here in Alberta. Communities throughout the province are noticing the effects of change - from shifting distributions of plants and animals, to changes in water levels and availability. The negative impacts of climate change are predicted to disproportionately affect First Nation communities in Canada.

It is integral that First Nation communities prepare for climate change. Climate change adaptation planning (CCAP) is one tool that First Nation communities can use to prepare for climate change and reduce the negative impacts.

Success Story

In 2012-2013, TSAG partnered with Fort McMurray First Nation to develop a climate change vulnerability assessment (the first stage in CCAP) that documented changes to water quality and land use as a result of a changing climate. You can check out a pamphlet and short documentary video by clicking on the links below.

In 2013-2014, a lessons-learned document on the first steps involved in conducting a climate change vulnerability assessment was produced. This document is meant to serve as a resource for Alberta First Nations that are interested in beginning the CCAP process. Please click here to check out the guidebook!