Circuit Rider Training Program

The Circuit Rider Training Program [CRTP] provides quality one-on-one training to First Nation operators, supporting them in the operations and maintenance of drinking water and waste water systems in First Nations communities. Under the program, Circuit Rider Trainers [CRTs] visit First Nation communities to work with operators, providing as much time and hands on support as is required to ensure the reliable provision of safe drinking water.

The CRTP is tailored to meet the needs and aptitudes of each individual trainee. Operators learn how to operate service and maintain the water/waste water systems in their community. These on-site training and mentoring services are also backed up by a 24/7 telephone support service as well as Remote Water Monitoring Services. First Nations Operators can use this service to contact a CRT or other qualified person for advice at any time of the day on any day of the week.

Please click here to see a list of Circuit Rider Trainers and the communities they serve. For more information about the Circuit Rider Training Program, please contact Devin Meneen at 780.483.8601 or