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Housing Condition Assessments are visual appraisals that provide evaluative data on the physical conditions of current housing assets. The condition assessments inform short and long-term maintenance planning of the current housing stock and validate needs for future development of housing projects. TSAG developed an electronic app that allows your inspectors to upload information directly in the accompanying database. The database organizes both aggregate and individual unit assessment data and provides details of deficient areas that are easy to update and correct.

In previous years CMHC National has been completing on-reserve housing inspections via contract. In January, the contract was awarded to TSAG to administer on-reserve housing inspections for the next three years throughout the Alberta region; we are excited for this opportunity and believe that our existing service deliveries compliment this new contract.

TSAG is currently completing the Section 95 Progress Inspections, Section 95 Final Inspections, Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) Progress Inspections and RRAP Final Inspections. Additionally, we are also completing the RRAP Estimating/Bidding, Emergency Repair Program Inspections and Physical Condition Review inspections for CMHC.

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  • Housing Condition Assessment Program with Robert Avveduti

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