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TSAG Housing Inspections

In previous years CMHC National has been completing on-reserve housing inspections via contract. In January, the contract was awarded to TSAG to administer on-reserve housing inspections for the next three years throughout the Alberta region; we are excited for this opportunity and believe that our existing service deliveries compliment this new contract.

TSAG is proud to have Nicholas Kootenhayoo as the new Inspections Coordinator for this contract. Nick, our former Housing Maintenance Trainer and Housing Conditions Assessment Program trainer, will be coordinating all of the CMHC housing inspections in the Treaty 6, 7 and 8 regions and will be working with subcontractors to ensure the successful completion of all targeted housing inspections. In the search for experienced and certified inspectors, TSAG selected certified inspectors or people with extensive knowledge in construction, Project Management, prior CMHC inspectors, or those with relevant First Nations on-reserve housing experience to complete these Alberta inspections with.

It is with a heavy heart that we must notify you all that we are entering into the final months of the Housing Maintenance Program delivery. We will be fulfilling all of our current scheduled deliveries but will be unable to schedule on any additional Home Maintenance Program delivery requests.

TSAG is currently completing the Section 95 Progress Inspections, Section 95 Final Inspections, Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) Progress Inspections and RRAP Final Inspections. Additionally, we are also completing the RRAP Estimating/Bidding, Emergency Repair Program Inspections and Physical Condition Review inspections for CMHC.

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our services

  • We conduct the GIS Housing Base Mapping project.
  • We deliver a certified training program for housing managers.
  • We host on-site housing preventative maintenance and health and safety management workshops.

core team

  • ROBERT AVVEDUTI - HCAP National Liaison
  • NICHOLAS KOOTENHAYOO - Inspection Coordinator

    Contact us at housing@tsag.net or 780.483.8601